Sundays at Café Tabac is an independent documentary feature film about an unforgettable weekly salon for women through which a new voice, visibility and power erupted. Those sultry Sunday nights at Café Tabac in New York City’s East Village in the early ‘90s is set against the backdrop of a highly charged moment in history, at the height of AIDS activism and the birth of Third Wave Feminism, when the so-called “lesbian chic” movement was catapulted into the spotlights and headlines of the mainstream. What emerges is a formidable story of what happens when a community comes together in unity, and how that fuels a concurrent movement in the expansion and expression of individuality. This history, which has laid the groundwork for sweeping social and cultural changes to come, has never, nor has any lesbian/women’s history ever, been documented and presented in the manner in which we intend.

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