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Sundays at Cafe Tabac

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A brief introduction

Sundays at Café Tabac is an independent documentary feature film about an unforgettable weekly salon for women through which a new voice, visibility and power erupted. Those sultry Sunday nights at Café Tabac in New York City’s East Village in the early ‘90s is set against the backdrop of a highly charged moment in history, at the height of AIDS activism and the birth of Third Wave Feminism, when the so-called “lesbian chic” movement was catapulted into the spotlights and headlines of the mainstream. What emerges is a formidable story of what happens when a community comes together in unity, and how that fuels a concurrent movement in the expansion and expression of individuality. This history, which has laid the groundwork for sweeping social and cultural changes to come, has never, nor has any lesbian/women’s history ever, been documented and presented in the manner in which we intend.

What does it mean to be invisible in society, or visible when someone else has the power to define who you are and limits the full expression of your humanity and well-being? This is the struggle and triumph at the heart of our film. Through testimonials from a unique community of women, we witness first-hand how they not only made visible and heard what was otherwise hidden in “closets,” but celebrated this fuller expression of who they were with an exuberance that captured the attention of mainstream media, and thus becoming an undeniable force for social change. This community of women are the women who met Sundays nights at Café Tabac. Read more...

Our Team

The fierce women behind the film


Karen B. Song

Co-Creator, Producer & Director


Wanda Acosta

Co-Creator & Producer


Lisa Binassarie



Catherine Gund



Tajamika Paxton



Meshell Ndegeocello

Original Score

Support The Film

How You Can Help


We want you to join us in our endeavor to make a beautiful, inspiring, and historic film. In order to keep The Cafe Tabac Film Project in motion to its completion, we need your support. It is with our deepest gratitude that we thank you for your donation.

  web-sact Cafe Tabac 1993  

Your support will help us with the following:

1. Supplementary scenes and titles: The Café Tabac world will be re-created through photographically stylized live action and animated illustrations. There are crews and creative personnel, meals, locations, transportation costs, styling & props, and additional equipment involved.

2. Rights clearances (music, images & footage): We need archival images and video footage to support the oral history that embodies our film. And Tabac’s song playlist was a crucial component of the event—we can’t tell the story without the music. They require usage clearances as well.

3. Film Score cost: MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO IS SCORING OUR FILM!!!! There are engineers, musicians and studios involved.

4. Post-productions costs: Minimal fees for post/editing technicians and meals, and ALL fees connected to audio post.

5. Marketing and Publicity.

6. Submissions to Film Festivals.


These objectives are instrumental for our film.

If you would like to volunteer or have any services you'd like to provide that could help the completion, marketing, fundraising and publicity of the film, please contact us. WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR PRIVATE DONORS, PATRON OF THE ARTS, AND CORPORATE SPONSORS. Please contact us directly if you are interested or know anyone who may be. More funding means we can deliver the project sooner, with the high production value this story demands and deserves.

Thank you for your support!


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