If you think this film can get made without your support, think again.

Why is it important to support this documentary film?

Until LGBTQ history is taught in schools and in the history books that schools use, we rely on documentaries and all forms of art, literature & media by and about LGBTQ people. It is crucial to preserve and tell LGBTQ history from an LGBTQ point of view as diverse as it is; otherwise it will all be forgotten or told by others with outsider perspectives and/or agendas. Time forgets so quickly and then poof, we disappear and so does our place in history, unless you act now. 


Donate now and join us on this incredible journey. You have the option of making your donation tax-deductible, while at the same time helping to create a feature film by and about amazing women. What an exciting opportunity to be able to contribute DIRECTLY to the making of a moving, entertaining, beautiful, informative and historic piece of art that will be seen by audiences all over the world.


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Sundays at Café Tabac is a WOMEN MAKE MOVIES Production Assistance Program Project.

Established in 1972, Women Make Movies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media arts organization registered with the New York Charities Bureau of New York State. As the fiscal sponsor, WMM accepts donations or grants on behalf of the filmmaker and takes the responsibility of administering the funds received in support of the development and completion of the film. Your CHECK donations are 100% Tax-Deductible. Women Make Movies only send acknowledgement letters for donations over $250otherwise you will receive an acknowledgement letter from Les Chic Pictures, LLC for anything less.

At this time we can offer TAX-DEDUCTIBLE status ONLY to donations made by CHECK.



If you would like to make a NON-TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION by CREDIT CARD, please use this LINK BELOW. 

web-sact Cafe Tabac 1993


1. Film Shoot: Interviews, supplementary scenes and titles. There are crews and creative personnel, equipment, meals, locations, transportation costs, accommodations (out-of-town shoots) and fees. A lot has been donated in this category (like MAC Cosmetics providing makeup artists for our shoot, and others who’ve donated frequent flyer miles, accommodations, & locations), but not everything, for which we need your additional funding.

2. Rights Clearances (music, images & footage): We CANNOT make the film without this, and it’s the most expensive part of the film’s production. This is an area where the waiving of fees is not possible and non-negotiable. It is important for this film to have the dignity that women deserve, which means we need archivals and music that are iconic. We are not looking at excessive usage and will be creative and resourceful in this area, but there are some things we just can’t get around. And we refuse to be relegated to the fringes… this film deserves to look great and deserves a killer soundtrack.

3. Film Score: MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO is scoring our film. We are so humbled to have a 10x Grammy-nominated artist donate her talent and time in support of this project. But there are engineers, studio musicians and studio space involved, in addition to transportation, possibly accommodations, meals and incidentals. Fees are vastly reduced, but ultimately there are still some costs involved.

4. Post-production: A high-end commercial post-production house has donated their services, but there are relatively minimal fees for post/editing artists/technicians and meals, plus media drives and other equipment that need to be outright purchased. We are saving tens of thousands of dollars as a result of the donation, but costs are still in the thousands.

5. Audio Mix: We are still looking for donated services, but for now we need to raise funds for ALL fees connected to audio post and incidentals connected to that.




If you would like to volunteer or have any services you’d like to provide that could help, please contact us. Here are some areas we can definitely use help in:

Production Assistants
Frequent Flyer Miles
Audio Studio/Personnel
Grant Writing
Fundraiser Event Planning
New Media Technology
Website Build/Design
Social Engagement & Outreach
Contacts in Print/Online Publications, Broadcast Media, Corporate Sponsors for the film project and/or live events (ie.Fundraiser parties, film festival events, screening, etc), and Private Donors/Patron of the Arts.

More funding means we can deliver with the high production value this story demands and deserves.
Thank you for your support!